60's and 70's. 

Square top Machines

You are the Person to have a Coke and A Smile!!

I have noticed that most of the Coke sites that feature The Vending Machines are only interested in the really old Round top machines. Some of my favorite memories are of the square top ones. 

I remember when I was a kid in the late 60's and early to mid 70's we would drive to Up-state New York from California every summer. That is where both my parents are from. It was a nightmare trip 3000+ miles in 3 days. One thing I consider a good memory of these trips is when we stopped for gas and I was able to buy a Coke. It was fun to open the little door and pull the bottle out. feeling the rush of cold air as you reached your hand in and pulled the bottle free. Being able to pop the bottle cap off yourself for the first time. So, Getting my machine recently is helping me remember the good times about growing up. What I want to do is share pictures and stories having to do with the machines of the 60's and 70's.

 And thanks to Coke for putting out the new .5 Liter 6 packs of Coke, Diet Coke and Sprite that fit the machine perfectly, so it does not cost me an arm and a leg for the little bottles (I have 1 row of them in the machine just for the fun of it)

The place where I purchased my Machine Has several other smaller machines  for around $1000 plus shipping. If you are interested let me know.


I am putting the different Manufacturers machines each on their own pages, Cavalier Page is up now : )

UPDATED July 2012

Here is something I have been experimenting with for about a week now. It has worked Perfectly!

It allows proper use of the machine with ease!

 This is my coke machine. It is a Cavalier CSS-141C.

I got it December 2000

I am almost finished restoring it. The original restoration was done by Coca-Cola, and they left out a few things. Like the Wood grain Panel and they had painted most of the chrome black and the Bottle door red.

12 selections

Non Lighted Sign, but wired for lights.


Cavalier Model #CSS-8-64

8 selections 

Lighted front

My Thanks to Brad Richardson of Everett Wa. for information on this model


This is a Cavailer CSS-64G

Another variation of the Cavalier Style Star series

8 selections

3D lighted sign

Westinghouse Model #WB 102-6A-10

6 selections

Lighted front

Thanks 2emiller@means.net For the Info on this machine


Vendo Model #?

14 selections

Lighted front

 Need Information about this machine

This is a 1961 

Cavalier CS-96

12 selections

Lighted sign


Here is a Vendo H63b

7 Selections

Lighted sign


Here is another Vendo 63

7 Selections

Lighted front

Full wood-grain front


6 selection

Lighted sign

Do you know what manufacturer or model this one is?

Here is a Vendo Model # HA56B

7 Selections

Lighted front

 Here is a Cavalier Model CS64D

It looks like it has a Vendo Coin deposit panel.

8 Selections

Non-Lighted front

On the left is a USS-8-64

On the right a CSS-8-64

These belong to

 Brad Richardson's 

Everett Wa.

Do you know what manufacturer and model number this one is? 

This is a Vendo We need a model number and a year.

Cavalier ?

10 Selection

Lighted sign

Cavalier ?

Can Machine

4 selection

Lighted sign

Cavalier CSS-80?

8-10 selection?

Lighted sign

This Machine was Identifyed as a 

Cavalier 21

8 selection

Lighted sign

It may be  CSS-64 type

if you know please email me

Click here for Cavalier Page

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