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Women's Mini Series costume set


Quantity Desired:

Includes Glasses, Vest (With Rank [1-3 stripes] & Insignia), Adjustable Belt (with Buckle and insignia) & Gauntlets

Hat & Jumpsuit are NOT included in this set



They're Back!! The Visitor Sunglasses!!! Not available for over 20 years!!!!


$12.99 per pair plus shipping



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Special Group price

$212.00 1 Dozen Pair Plus shipping

SAVE $133 ON THE 12 PAIR!!!!!!


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Sun Glasses are IN STOCK and ready to ship!!!!!




Richard Herd, John from the Original V wearing one of my costumes


Delivery is between 7 and 12 weeks for Costumes


Standard Uniforms

Standard Uniforms


Security Uniform

Includes: Jumpsuit, Vest with Gold Collar & Trim, Matching Gauntlets, Adjustable Belt with Buckle and Sunglasses (Choice of 1 or 2 rank stripes)

Quantity Desired:

Security Armband


Quantity Desired:

Military Uniform

Includes: Jumpsuit, Vest (Choice of 1 to 5 stripes), Matching Gauntlets, Adjustable Belt with Buckle and Sunglasses. Choice of 1-5 stripes. Supreme Commander (John) is 5 stripes.

Quantity Desired:


Trooper Uniform

Includes: Jumpsuit, Black Vest, Matching Gauntlets, Adjustable Belt with Buckle and Sunglasses

(Trooper Helmet available separately below)

Quantity Desired:

Technician Uniform

Includes: Jumpsuit, Vest, Matching Gauntlets, Adjustable Belt with Buckle and Sunglasses (No rank stripes for Tech. Willy was a Tech)

Quantity Desired:


Second Overlay and Gauntlet set

Get a different division or rank set so you can have two different costumes to wear!

Only available if you order a complete costume at the same time.


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Basic boots

Basic Boots


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Trooper Helmet


Quantity Desired:

Grey is darker than shown, camera flash lightened it




Security Helmet


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Pistol & Holster set






Not currently available

We are working on getting these back in stock soon! Possibly by the end of the year (2009)




3'x5' Please specify Version 1 or 2

$50 Quantity Desired:

Version 1                                                                                             Version 2


Security Key

$69 Quantity Desired:

Visitor 'PDA'

$19.99 Quantity Desired:

6" tall




$24.99 Quantity Desired:




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